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The most gifted camera of its generation


at the tip of your fingers 

FLUOBEAM® is an integrated fluorescence imaging solution which provides information to the surgeon during surgery and invisible to the naked eye such as tissue perfusion, lymphatic drainage efficiency as well as lymph node and parathyroid gland location. It enables surgeons to make better decisions,  reducing complication rates. Its ease of use and ability to analyze images make it a major asset for surgeons.
you won’t believe
your eyes
FLUOBEAM® is a user-friendly system without optical risk. Its optical head is equipped with a class 1 laser as the excitation light source with a near-infrared sensitive camera. A class 1 laser is harmless to the eye even in case of direct exposure. FLUOBEAM® combines safety and performance: even with a class 1 laser illumination, FLUOBEAM® maintains an unrivalled level of sensitivity which allows for the visualization of parathyroid glands in autofluorescence.


a certain taste
of freedom
FLUOBEAM® was designed to fit in the operating room environment, providing the surgeon with an autonomy that does not require an operator’s intervention. Surgeons have full control over the acquisition and visualization of the image with a simple push of a button on the optical head.
Tailor-made images
FLUOSOFT™ imaging software is specifically designed for each indication, so that surgeons can capture images in real-time: high sensitivity for low-fluorescence-signal applications, pseudo-colorization with relative quantification to assess perfusion, automatic detection of perforator vessels before flap dissection, panoramic images of the lymphatic drainage. This approach, combined with proven acquisition protocols, prevents mishandling and ensures great reliability of the results.



- Support of an adjustable panel PC - Storage for the control box, optical head and sterile covers - Easy to handle - Suited for a clinical environment


- 24-inch touch screen - High resolution display - Ease to use - Suitable for use in the operating room


- Sterile covers with optical window dedicated to the FLUOBEAM® and FLUOPOD™


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