Advanced technology to assess perfusion
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Evaluation of the quality of tissue perfusion

FLUOBEAM® LM, used in combination with indocyanine green (ICG), is a fluorescence imaging solution that allows surgeons to assess the quality of tissue perfusion in real time.

In addition to real-time imaging, the relative quantification tool provides the surgeon with additional information that allows him to adjust his surgical procedure. This information will also be used to ensure follow-up and a post-operative evaluation adapted to each patient.

Perforator location in free flap reconstructive surgery

In free flap reconstructive surgery, FLUOBEAM®LM helps to identify perforating vessels but also evaluate the quality of tissue perfusion in real time. This additional information helps limit postoperative complications such as total or partial tissue necrosis.

Visualization of lymphatic drainage

FLUOBEAM®LM allows the surgeon to visualize the superficial lymphatic network of the limbs. The software offers a panoramic function to image an entire limb and better visualize the quality of the lymphatic drainage. In consultation or during a surgical operation, FLUOBEAM® LM displaysinformation in real time. It thus helps the surgeon to select the most appropriate treatment, for patients suffering from lymphedema.

Excellence at your fingertips

FLUOBEAM® LM is an integrated fluorescence imaging solution that provides the surgeon, during surgery, with information invisible to the naked eye such as tissue perfusion, lymphatic drainage status, or lymph node location. It helps the surgeon in his decision making process in orderto reduce the rate of complications. Its ease of use and Image processing functions makes it a major asset for surgeons.

a certain taste of freedom

FLUOBEAM® LM has been designed to be integrated in the operating room environment. It offers the surgeon total autonomy during surgery, allowing him to control all acquisition and visualization parameters from the sterile area.

you won’t believe your eyes

FLUOBEAM® LM is an optically safe and ergonomic system. The camera combines safety and performance. Its optical head with a sensitive near-infrared camera excites the fluorescent agent with a class 1 laser, which is harmless to the eye even in direct vision.


An indication-oriented software

The integrated FLUOSOFT™ LM imaging software offers acquisition modes by type of indication ; it automatically adapts to the visualization conditions : high sensitivity for low fluorescence applications, pseudocolorization with relative quantification to assess perfusion, automatic detection of perforating vessels before dissecting a flap, panoramic imaging of lymphatic drainage. This approach, associated with proven acquisition protocols, avoids handling errors and ensures high reliability of results.



Ergonomic and intuitive

The FLUOBEAM® LM technology was developed to provide surgeons with a comfortable grip and intuitive use during surgery.

Its joystick allows a fluid navigation in the software functionalities and offers the surgeon a total autonomy when using the device


High performance and safety

FLUOBEAM® LM has been designed to offer a high level of technical performance while ensuring surgeon and patient safety.

The power of its Class I laser and the quality of its optical filtering allow the surgeon to operate up to a working distance of 8 cm.


Automatic acquisition mode

FLUOBEAM® LM offers more than just images. Its integrated multi-indication software launches with a single click and automatically accesses dynamic information that is difficult to integrate with the naked eye.

The camera allows the surgeon to have direct and autonomous access to an analysis of the perfusion dynamics in the field, the location of the perforating vessels and the extent of their perfusion zone.


"Indocyanine green can be used in sentinel node detection in early breast cancer. It is an accurate, safe and inexpensive technique."

Dr Charlotte NGO

Dr Charlotte NGO

Gynecological and Breast Cancer Surgery, Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris, France

"This device provides us with an image in real time. For the surgeon, it is like having an extra eye. It's preoperative augmented reality."



Liver Surgery, Paul-Brousse Hospital, Villejuif, France
What is the FLUOBEAM® LM?

FLUOBEAM® LM is an integrated fluorescence imaging solution that provides the surgeon, during the procedure, with information invisible to the naked eye such as tissue perfusion, lymphatic drainage status, or lymph node location. It thus makes it possible to make appropriate decisions, in order to reduce the rate of complications. Its ease of use and image analysis capabilities make it a major asset for surgeons.

FLUOBEAM® LM is indicated to visualize on a screen the flow, the distribution and/or the accumulation of Indocyanine green (ICG) before, during and after surgery for the indications such as: visualization of the blood flow, visualization of the lymphatic flow, visualization and identification of the bile ducts during hepatobiliary surgery, visualization and detection of primary liver tumors and/or hepatic metastases.FLUOBEAM® LM is also indicated to facilitate the visualization of parathyroid glands by auto-fluorescence (natural fluorescence without ICG injection) during thyroid and parathyroid surgeries. This is a class IIa medical device, CE017. Product manufactured by FLUOPTICS SAS, France. For proper use, please read carefully all instructions in the specific instructions for use for each product.


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