Fluoptics education program

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These one-hour sessions with experienced surgeons are an opportunity to learn and consolidate your knowledge and skills in fluorescence imaging dedicated to surgery.


Thyroid Surgery

Lymphatic Surgery

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery


Thank you so much for organising this webminar. The presentation was excellent and the discussions were very useful!

Yau L.


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What is a Web Masterclass?

These one-hour online sessions with experienced surgeons who give the opportunity to discuss the contributions of fluorescence imaging dedicated to surgery.

Is there a fee to register for a Web Masterclass?

Registration for a Web Masterclass is free.

Can we access the replays of the sessions?

Yes, it is possible to access Web Masterclass replays. Either by registering for the sessions or by submitting the contact form.


This intensive one-day workshop provides an opportunity to learn or further refine your skills in fluorescence imaging used in thyroid surgery. Small groups of surgeons will attend live surgeries to increase their knowledge in parathyroid gland identification by natural autofluorescence and their vascularization assessment with indocyanine green injection. These procedures will be performed with the FLUOBEAM® LX system, which is dedicated to thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Thyroid Surgery

Lymphatic Surgery

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery


I’ve really enjoyed with the Dr. Benmiloud masterclass about the usefulness of fluorescence in preventing decreased parathyroid function after thyroidectomy. Also, it has been a pleasure exchange thought and thinking about new insights about the capability of fluorescence to pursue safe thyroid surgery.

Xavier G.

I would like to thank Dr Benmiloud for his disponibility and kindness. Thank you Farès for sharing with us your experience. Also thanks to Doriane et Christophe for giving me this opportunity to make this masterclass. It was really useful and interesting. It was also important to share our own experiences with Xavier and Nicolas. Thanks for that guys, I appreciate it.

Mirza M.

Un grand merci au Dr Benmiloud pour sa gentillesse et d’avoir pris de son temps pour nous. J’ai trouvé cette expérience très enrichissante sur le plan chirurgical et sur le plan humain.

Nicolas S.


What is a Masterclass?

A masterclass is an intensive one-day workshop to learn or even improve your fluorescence imaging skills used for thyroid surgery. In small groups of surgeons, you will attend surgeries directly to deepen your knowledge on the identification of parathyroid glands by autofluorescence and their vascularization with the injection of indocyanin green. These interventions will be carried out with the new FLUOBEAM® LX fluorescence imaging system, a system dedicated to thyroid and parathyroid surgeries.

Who can participate?

These workshops are open to surgeons who wish to discover or deepen their knowledge of fluorescence imaging in thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Is there a fee to register for a Masterclass?

Registration for a masterclass is free. Accommodation remains the responsibility of the participant.


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