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Advanced training sessions: Remain the master of the game


Our FLUOPTICS© technology relies on two pillars: the signal acquisition performed by our cameras, FLUOBEAM® and FLUOBEAM® LX, and the signal processing provided by our imaging software, FLUOSOFT™ and FLUOSOFT™ LX. To anticipate and address your needs, we have developed advanced training adapted to your surgical practices, allowing you to fully make use of the performance of our solutions. 
Select your option: Web Masterclass, replay, live. With FLUOPTICS’ advanced training sessions, you are the master of the game.


These one-hour sessions with experienced surgeons give you the opportunity to learn and reinforce your knowledge and skills in fluorescence imaging dedicated to surgery.
Thyroid Surgery – Geneva, Marseille, Vienna

Breast Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Let’s share your experiences live or by video. Your feedback is essential for us to continue the constant evolution of our solutions.
Procedures mixing autofluorescence imaging and ICG angiography to reduce post-surgery hypocalcémie

Prof. Frédéric TRIPONEZ shares his experience on fluorescence imaging


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