Preclinical studies performed by veterinary surgeons in large animals showed that several types of tumors can be labeled with AngioStamp™.
A and B: fluorescent ovaries labeled with AngioStamp™. Histopathological analyses confirming the presence of tumor cells in each ovary.
The management of the metastatic disease by the surgeons. Mery E. Bull Cancer. 2013, 100(4):357-62

Fibrosarcoma infiltration labeled with AngioStamp™ (black arrows) performed with Fluobeam®
Near-infrared optical guided surgery of highly infiltrative fibrosarcomas in cats using an anti-αvβ3 integrin molecular probe. Wenk C. Cancer Lett. 2013, 334(2):188-95

Today, surgical tumor resection is the therapeutic method of choice for most cancers. The limitations of surgical intervention include difficult visual tumor delineation and micro-metastasis detection.
AngioStamp™ is a fluorescent probe that specifically targets αvβ3 integrin overexpressed in endothelial cells during tumor angiogenesis and in many tumors.


AngioStamp™ enables surgeons to better visualize tumors during surgery, with 2 major benefits:

  • Better tumor margin detection
  • Detection and resection of small tumors and metastases (otherwise invisible).

AngioStamp™ is under development in order to be used during surgery of several cancers; Ovarian and breast cancers, peritoneal carcinomatosis, melanoma, glioma and sarcoma.

Medical device
Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ Class IIa
Fluocart™ Class I
This medical device can be used only by healthcare professionals.
Before first use, user must read the medical device instructions for use and its label.

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