Fluorescence imaging during a bilateral neck exploration showing the left thyroid lobe (white arrow), the veins running on the thyroid capsule (grey arrow) and the left superior parathyroid gland (black arrow), fluoptics imaging guided surgery.jpg


Inadvertent excision of the parathyroid gland, which leads to parathyroid insufficiency, is not uncommon in patients undergoing thyroidectomy and is thought to be largely due to non-visualization of the glands during surgery.
Methylene Blue (MB) shows fluorescence properties in the near infrared range and is known to be differentially taken up by thyroid, "normal" parathyroid and "abnormal" parathyroid tissue.

After MB injection, Fluobeam® enables to visualize fluorescent signals from the various soft tissues structures in the neck and to guide surgeons during surgical procedure.

Clinical study

  • Intra-operative NIR fluorescent imaging to improve outcomes in patients undergoing thyroid and parathyroid surgery - a phase II study.
    Saba Balasubramaniam, Dept. of oncology, University of Sheffield and Teaching hospital, NHS fundation trust.


Medical device
Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ Class IIa
Fluocart™ Class I
This medical device can be used only by healthcare professionals.
Before first use, user must read the medical device instructions for use and its label.

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