Fluorescence imaging during lymphedema consultation. Dr. Jaume Masia - Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon - is presenting his Fluobeam® use during the video

Lymphatic drainage (Lymphedema)

Lymphedema is a progressive and debilitating condition associated with dysfunction of the lymphatic system. Lymphedema is caused by an abnormality of the lymphatic system leading to excessive buildup of tissue fluid that forms lymph, known as interstitial fluid.

Lymphedema can be treated with conservative therapies or surgical procedures. For these interventions, a clear identification of functional lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes is essential to guide surgeons during the procedure.



Fluobeam® enables surgeon to:


  • Image in real time functional superficial lymphatic vessels, even the very small one
  • Diagnose lymphedema and find abnormalities at an early stage, possibly before swelling is obvious Visualize lymphatic vessels not only before, but also during surgery, allowing surgeons to locate a functional lymphatic vessel usable for lymphatic venous anastomosis
  • Guide selective lymph node collection during LNT surgery
  • Post-treatment monitoring in clinic



Medical device
Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ Class IIa
Fluocart™ Class I
This medical device can be used only by healthcare professionals.
Before first use, user must read the medical device instructions for use and its label.

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