Christophe Haond

Business Development Director

Christophe joined Fluoptics in 2013, with a strong experience in the sector of medical devices. He previously held the position of Sales Manager for Stereotaxis Inc, selling robots used in the treatment of cardiac arythmias in Interventional Cardiology.

Christophe began his career at Sorin Group and Saint Jude Medical, selling medical devices like cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators. He holds a master's degree in Technics of Apparatus and Marketing at the University of Marseille and a Bachelor of Science of Coventry University.


Fluoptics is working hard to develop innovative solutions to improve patient care and outcomes. We help to simplify the work of surgeons and by improving the efficiency of their procedures we also contribute to a reduction in operating costs.

Clinical and technology partnership

Fluoptics technology is based on a portfolio of patents from our research partners at the CEA-Léti, Université Joseph-Fourier, Inserm and the CNRS. Fluoptics products were developed and validated working closly with European clinical teams in order to design the best solution to the real needs of patients and the healthcare industry.