Fluoptics develops innovative fluorescence imaging solutions for real time guided surgery. Our goal is to provide surgeons with real time information to precisely locate a fluorescent marker during surgery. This added value should drastically secure the procedures and improve patient outcome.

Fluoptics solutions will have a significant impact in cancer surgery

Over 5 million people around the world undergo cancer surgery every year; it is one of the most effective cancer treatments available. The Fluoptics solutions allow high precision visualization of tumors which are impossible to detect with a naked eye. Our products will improve the long-term reliability of surgical resection.


Fluoptics strives to develop innovative health care solutions to improve patient treatment. By facilitating the work of surgeons and improving the efficiency of their procedures, we also contribute to reducing operating costs.

Clinical and technology partnership

Fluoptics technology is based on a portfolio of patents from our research partners at the CEA-Léti, Université Joseph-Fourier, Inserm and the CNRS. Fluoptics products were developed and validated working closly with European clinical teams in order to design the best solution to the real needs of patients and the healthcare industry.